How to use event props like a pro!


Everyone wants to have an event that’s instaworthy and Pinterest ready, there’s no denying that! We’re going to show you the best way to use event props to make an impact on arrival and keep people talking all night long.

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grab your audience’s attention and command it for the rest of the night

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Entrance Features

As the name suggests, the entrance is the first thing your guests will see and sets the tone for the rest of the event. We suggest a red carpet entrance for any glam event or awards ceremony and if you want guests to feel extra special, add a media wall so your patrons can strike a pose and feel as important as they look! If you have a theme in mind, add some touches of colour or small props on each side of the venue doors to help guests enter the room in a fully immersive event experience. For example, if you are celebrating a traditional asian wedding, our ornate bronze arch is perfect for grabbing attention and allowing guests to enter the reception in class and sophistication.


Stage Looks

A stage look is an important aspect of any event that requires you to grab your audience’s attention and command it for the rest of the night. Props can help dress up and elevate your stage look so it becomes the focal point while event proceedings are happening on stage. Large props on either side of stage can help carry the theme of the overall event look. A great way of adding a dynamic prop to your stage look is by using our Tivoli stairs, great if you have dancers or guests that need a central staircase to collect their award while illuminated like a broadway show!

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Photo opportunities

In an instagram and hashtag world, people now expect a purposely designed photo space that entices them and makes a brilliant photo to be the envy of every instagram follower. Try pairing our drapes with stand alone props like our oversized martini glass for a Bond inspired event or our palm tree and rustic wine barrels to take your Havana nights theme to the next level.

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Final thoughts.

Props are a great way to push your event theme even further and transport your guests into a world of your choosing. Create a full room look from entrance to stage to really impress your guests. If you need help decided the right props for your event, give our office a call ~ we are more than happy to talk ideas.