How to Style ~ Havana Nights


Looking for an early holiday retreat?

Aren’t we all? Here I was thinking 2019 is going to be my year, but this year has decided to be unusually cruel already. Hard to deal with clients, early morning commutes as well as boring coworkers with little or nothing to add to your effervescent lunchroom conversations… It’s time for (another) vacation.

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So after 8 whole weeks of work, I’ve gone from dry January into raging alcoholic February.

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The drinkies!

So after 8 whole weeks of work, I’ve gone from dry January into raging alcoholic February. Cue the colourful drinks accompanied by chunks of tropical fruit and miniature paper umbrellas to dress the whole thing up! But oh no, where to place my (oh so heavy) beverage at my Havana nights themed party? NOT TO FRET PET! Our wine barrel bar tables are a great way to relieve your carpet tunnel as well as add some flair to your lavish Havana affair.


The stylish vibes 

Are ugly walls your chosen venues signature look? Not to panic, we can cover that mess up with some champagne draping, while you enjoy some champagne and watch some men put up your draping. Just picture yourself laying on the white sands of Santa Maria del Mar and before you know it, our boys will be done and your venue will be ready to style.

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Cuban prop styling

We all know that wine barrels does not a Havana Nights make. We have a range of props like our gorgeous faux palm trees to really distract from your “in a rut” corporate routine as well as our giant grass parasol to protect you from the glares of those up and coming millennials gunning for your job. If that wasn’t enough to transport your office into a tropical oasis then throw in our oversized martini glass to turn it up a notch! They practically scream “drink me!” which coincidentally is what I whisper to my drink after mojito number three.


Havana Style

Why wait til the end of the year to put Out of Office on? I’ve got mine on right now! Escape the dull boring grind and make your next corporate event a fun one! We’ve got the goods to turn your next event from drab to fab, so talk to us today if your looking for a sunny escape from responsibility. 

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