Wedding Draping & Styling ~ The Definitive Guide


You’ve picked your centrepieces, florals, cake and the invites have been sent. You’ve gone back to your venue only to realise it looks a little stale compared to those gorgeous website photos. Trouble is, you don’t know the technical speak to tell your organiser what you want. Read on if you want to sound like a pro at your next meeting.

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Wedding backdrops are a great option if you are a bride or groom that wants to pull focus the entire night!

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Hourglass Draping

Just as the name suggests, it vaguely resembles the shape of an hourglass. Layer the draping with one colour behind and your hourglass style in front in a different colour should you desire. Typically a complimentary tassel is used to finish the overall look. 


Ceiling Draping

Is used to softened spaces or make empty spaces feel more intimate by creating an illusion that the roof line is lower to the floor. These usually meet in the middle above your dance floor to create a focal point that encourages your guests to partake in the night’s joyous celebrations. A ceiling chandelier sometimes accompanies ceiling draping to add extra glam to the overall venue styling. 

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Wedding Backdrops

Wedding backdrops are a great option if you are a bride or groom that wants to pull focus the entire night. They come in a range of colours and styles to suit your colour story. Backdrops are a great option if your venue isn’t the prettiest space in the world and gives the illusion of a soft glam wall to have your couple photos taken.


Rigging Points

Rigging points are a great thing to take into consideration. Most venues will have these in their ceilings. They are rated points that chandeliers and ceiling draping can be suspended on. Without these rigging points, there is no guarantee that anything can be suspended in your ceiling. So if chandeliers and draping are on your list of must haves, make sure you book a venue with them.

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Swagging is that lovely swooping and sweeping of the fabric in backdrops and ceiling draping. Gives form and style and is usually accompanied by tassel detailing to really push it over the top. Like other draping, it comes in various colours and finishes to suit your wedding or event theme.

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