Wonderland Photobooth

Wonderland Photobooth

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Pulling an event together is hard enough, then there’s the high-maintenance guest list to worry about. Is the room temp up too high? Were there enough veggie options on the canapé menu? Has the DJ been playing hits for the oldies? You get it. It’s impossible to please everyone. But thats when the Daisy Photobooth comes in.

Carefully framed with daisy blooms, it’ll turn a sit-down venue into socialising extravaganza.

Watch the party smile and mingle as the photobooth reels in a summer energy that’s all year ‘round. A strong base will keep it firm and steady, to ensure hours of Instagram fun. Now who’s ready to upload a new profile picture?

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*Subject to availability. Colour may display differently depending on your device or screen. Delivery outside of Melbourne Metro will incur additional charges. Please Note: Minimum event spend is $1080.