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The best in event draping & styling

Our fabulous team are made up of experts from many different fields, so when you mix us all together we make one crazy messed up delicious squad that is hard to beat. Saying that we LOVE events is an understatement, as the family running this circus are 2nd & 3rd generations in the industry, so it is definitely in our blood.

Active Draping specialise in a vast collection of draping styles and themes for any occasion. We are excited about (everything) event styling and theming. All you need to do is to bring your vision and something soft to fall into when you are wowed with the final result.

It's all in the details. Active Draping has over 30 years of quality event styling and theming experience. Set the scene: You found everything including the "perfect" space but it looks utterly hideous (we've all been there). Active Draping can provide you with a variety of options that can bring swagger to your next soiree and the idea of cover up a whole new meaning.

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John Adams

John is our leading man. He’s pretty much seen & done it all & is the go-to-guy if you need to get the job done and done very well. He has qualifications up to wazoo and has 30 years in this industry. He is our design King.

Dee Adams - Wedding Draping Melbourne

Dee Adams

Dee is our Admiral in charge and the official whip cracker. Come on ladies we all know that the guys aren’t really in charge. Every single event that Active Draping styles has her handy work stamped all over it.

sas events melbourne

Ben Adams

Ben likes to think he’s our Superhero, he may be our Advanced Rigger but he can’t jump tall buildings in a single bound. He does a great dance routine when he’s in the scissor lifter though – and no he’s not afraid of heights!

event styling melbourne

we create stunning events around Melbourne with the art of draping.


Flawless is the game to cover the spaces shame. Every event is individual so our ultimate goal is to finesse the theme to work seamlessly with your vision. So what are these options you ask? Well the range is vast from, backdrops, wedding arches, ceiling installations, prop hire, carpet runners, media walls, lighting design, draping as well as (super awesome) graphic renders so you can see the final product before the big reveal...seriously we could go on! 

We have a massive variety of fabrics that will be the next big thing to your event. Hosting a huge selection of fabric styles, textures, finishes and colours there is something for every occasion. I mean if your wanting to imitate the party scene from the Great Gatsby (you know the one we mean) look no further. In saying that though, if you don't know where to start, it's totally fine. Send us photos of your inspiration #swag so we can go behind the looking glass and get the ball rolling. 

So do you have to crawl into a mess because the thought of theming your perfect space is going to give you stress hives, no! This is what we do, this is our passion. Take your clip board over to the bar and let us both construct and deconstruct everything for you.

So you want to know some of the things that we have done in the past? Well (since that you asked) Active Draping have worked with some great corporate and wedding events. Here are (just a few) things we do.

Media walls: to pop you and your sponsors logo to make sure everyone knows who you are and who you're connected with. Just strike a pose! Carpet runners: Add a bit of glitz and glamour for you and your people to strut their stuff on arrival. 

Stage draping: to pull focus to the guest speakers so everyone knows who to oogle at all night! Ceiling draping: to bring the space together for a flawless effect and a pop of that wow factor! Fairy light draping: to dazzle the family and add (even more) sparkle to your special day.

At the end of the day if there is something that we can't help you with (which let's be honest is very rare) absolutely no stress, we can get you in touch with the people who can. We work with the best and the friendliest people around town who are as passionate about events as we are. To see it (in all its glory) for yourself, take a look at our gallery to see how everything comes together.

event draping melbourne

People love us, It’s why you’ll see us in most venues across melbourne.


What people say about us!


"Active Draping turned our reception room into a fairytale. Highly recommend this great company! Pleasure to deal with! Outstanding service."

— Alisha Webb

"Thank you John and the team for doing an absolutely fantastic job. The draping was amazing and the lighting just topped it off and made the space look magical. Our guests loved it and really set the tone for our wedding."

— Kimmy McKinnon


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